Buffelsdrifts Meerkat Safaris

The Meerkat Safaris at Buffelsdrift Game Lodge will bring you up close to these amazing animals. A trained ranger will meet our guests in the Lookout Lounge, where they will enjoy a warm cup of coffee and rusks, before heading to the Safari vehicle by which they will be taken to the Meerkat burrows. On the way to the burrows, guests are usually lucky to spot some of the 22 species of animals on the reserve. As there are dangerous animals like Buffalo and Hippo on the reserve, the guests remain on the vehicle while waiting for the Meerkats to emerge at the break of dawn. The ranger will educate the guests on all the interesting facts and behaviour throughout the experience.

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News about the meerkats

"Females give birth to one to eight babies at a time, but it is more common for Meerkat mothers to have three to four offspring at a time. The babies, called pups, are born underground, where they are safe from predators. At birth, pups weigh 25 to 36 grams (0.9 to 1.3 ounces). In addition to being small, pups are also blind, deaf and almost hairless."

The whole family, including the father and siblings, pitches in to help raise the new additions. By nine weeks, the pups are weaned, and by one and a half years, the meerkats will be mature enough to have their own offspring. Meerkats live up to eight years in the wild.

Buffelsdrift Game Lodge is situated in the spectacular rolling hills outside Oudtshoorn, on the famous Route 62. Part of the South African Garden Route & Klein Karoo, Buffelsdrift offers you an escape to something spectacular. Experience an array of wildlife including Elephants, Rhino, Cape Buffalo, Giraffe, Hippo and over 200 bird species. We also offer African bush safaris, meerkat safaris, and elephant feeding, walking & brushing experiences

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