Route 62 in CNN's Top 10 Road Trips in the World

Route 62 is a is the tourist route in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape, South Africa that meanders between Cape Town and Oudtshoorn, the Langkloof and Port Elizabeth, offering the shorter, scenic alternative to the N2 highway. While a popular route known and loved by South Africans, we were delighted to see that this famous route has made it on to to CNN's list of The World's Top 10 Road Trips in February 2017.

Other routes in this article include the NC500 Scotland, the Ticlio  Pass in Peru and Milford Road in New Zealand.

We have included the write-up on Route 62 below, and you can read CNN's full article here.

Route 62, South Africa

by Jade Bremner and Peter Shadbolt, CNN

Distance: 748 kilometers.

Approximate route time: Nine-and-a-half hours (nonstop).

Over 65 wineries along the way will have you wishing you were a passenger rather than the driver.

Shift driving works best along this long tourist route stretching between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, with stops at dozens of non-boozy attractions splintering off the main path, such as cliffs, fauna, rivers, valleys and plains.

Chapman's Peak Drive is a recommended diversion at the start of your journey, a spectacular nine-kilometer marine drive winding its way around the mountainside between Hout Bay and Noordhoek.

Highlights: The hot mineral springs and private Roman baths at the Warmwaterberg Spa are a godsend for shoulder muscles after hours of driving.

Alternatively a two-day hike on the famed Donkey Trail over the Swartberg Mountains will get the blood pumping again before the next stretch of road.

The Klaasvoogds Game Reserve further along Route 62 is speckled with black wildebeest, leopard tortoise and Burchell's zebra.

Stop for a bite at: Ronnie's Sex Shop. Initially the sign was "Ronnie's Shop" but when "Sex" was graffitied as a prank Ronnie decided to leave it up and run with the theme. It's now a bizarre sex-themed popular pub hangout for bikers, local farmers and regulars along the road.

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