Travel Tips: Make Memories in Southern Africa

2017 has reached its half-way mark and wow what a year we are having! We prepared some amazing tips to help make your journey through Southern Africa a memorable one. 

1. Make Memories

We often tend to purchase items that remind us of our great escapes and not rely on the actual escape itself. Become immersed in a township tour before thinking about purchasing that little hand-made wire taxies. Memories are unforgettable and "things" are often lost in the travelling journey. Take plenty of pictures, loads of selfies (even the bad ones) and capture every moment in a picture. 

2. Immerse yourself in the culture

The rich history and cultures found around Southern Africa is filled with stories that can be carried on through each generation. Listen attentively, ask questions, be adventurous and try the delicacies we have to offer. 

3. Travel with loved ones

What makes a tour special? Spending it with someone you love! Ensure that you travel with those closest to you which makes collecting memories all the more fun to have someone who would constantly remind you of the time you screamed as you went shark cage diving or when your battery died as you tried to capture the elephants on the horizon at sunset. 

4. Share the experience

Social media is your friend! People love sharing your vacation with you, even if it's a virtual tour of you running through the great fields in the Eastern Cape or canopy tours along the garden route. 

5. Regret nothing! 

If you happen to go over-budget, don't sweat the little things! As long as you and your best mates or loved ones are enjoying themselves, the rest will follow. Only packed for 3 nights and staying for 5? No worries, change it up and live in the moment! 

At the end of your stay, you'll always have fond memories and stories to tell of your stay in our beautiful country and we are happy to be a part of it. 

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